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About Us

We are an outsource and offshore software development company to help international clients increase their software development capacity and efficiently turn their ideas into working products, in terms of cost-effectiveness and low attrition. Many software companies consider outsourcing their product development and product management and the outsourcing practice has increased in recent time. The obvious reason is that the company cannot hire an employee for a short time period and they want to deploy the best resources available for product development. Moreover, the biggest pro is that it can be hired for short or long-term depending on the necessity and thereby team members and staff can be increased or decreased. Consequently, it also helps in increasing the focus on the main activities of their business and getting their product ready from the excellent talent out there in the market.

Our Key to Success:

  • Dedication to all clients’ success.
  • Latest technologies update.
  • High competent and skillful software developers.
  • 100% guaranteed services and satisfaction.
  • Trust, commitment and responsibility in all relationships.

While outsourcing offshore is a viable idea and has its own set of advantages, it is difficult to choose the appropriate development models for the business without any prior knowledge about them. Consequently, the choice of different models depends on the requirement of each business and accordingly they decide the engagement level of the offshore outsource activities and plans what set of activities being outsourced? Consequently, they can look out for complete, end to end and partial outsourcing.

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Technology & Development Stack


  • Hyperledger
  • Machine Learning
  • Spark
  • Big Data
  • Flutter


  • Java
  • .Net
  • Javascript
  • Golang
  • Power Builder


  • MariaDb
  • MySql
  • Postgres
  • Oracle
  • MongoDb


  • Vuejs
  • Angular
  • ReactJs
  • Laravel
  • PHP


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Custom Software Development

Providing a software application based your requirements to fulfill your business needs, from UI/UX design to deployment.

Web applications Development

We build powerful and scalable web apps that are custom made using the latest technologies.


We offer end-to-end software product. Our teams align your requirements and forge in building high quality & scalable products.

Staff Augmentation

We offer on-demand software developers ranging across a variety of technologies for ease of scalability, reduced time-to-market and enhanced ROI.

Payroll Software

Software for payslips online, it allows to deliver to employees their documents.

Medical Records

All the recors of patients in a web application powered by Hyperledger Fabric.

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